At the Learning Point Kidz Preschool (Jakarta), your children’s early education and safety are our primary concern. We provide your children with positive and meaningful childhood experiences; giving them the opportunity to excel in all areas of learning amidst cosy, open-concept classrooms with reading corners to simulate reading habits.

Our teachers, specially trained by our Singaporean Director, are dedicated, caring, and patient. They will prioritize each child’s learning capability to stimulate their best progress in early childhood education.

About Us

“a glimpse of who we are…”

We started as a tuition centre in 2003 in South Jakarta…

PT. Pendidikan Anak Makmur Jaya started with humble beginnings in South Jakarta, operating as a tuition centre from 2003 to the present day. The tuition centre, known as The Learning Point, caters to the educational needs of students aged 3 to 16 from National Plus and International schools. The programs offered include: Reading and Writing enrichment classes for Preschoolers and English, Mathematics and Science enrichment classes for elementary and secondary school levels.

With over 14 years of experience teaching children of varying ages, we have incorporated preschool and daycare, to turn our centre into a “one-stop” education venue.

Our school runs classes for Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 in Jakarta Barat. The preschool has has been running since 2017. We have also since introduced our Daycare programme.

Our Early Learning Stages


In nursery, we focus on experiential learning; where children investigate and discover new things in their environment and have a go at active learning.


Here, the focus shifts to encouraging children to concentrate on a task, as well as teaching them how to overcome difficulties and celebrate their achievements.


At this stage, creativity and critical thinking are key to allowing children to develop their own ideas, make links between different ideas and create strategies for carrying out tasks on their own.


Children develop quickly in their preschool years, and these early years have a major impact on their future education experience and opportunities. In order to secure a safe and happy childhood experience, good parenting and high quality early education (preschool) are necessary to form a strong foundation for them to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow. Our Daycare programme also inculcates core values with our students.

Here at The Learning Point Kidz Preschool and Daycare, we have carefully selected a wide variety of educational materials and put together a dynamic blend of Singaporean and International curriculum to provide the best learning experience for your child.

Your child will be taught the following skills through games and play:

• Communication and Language
• Literacy
• Numeracy (Mathematics)
• Discovery (Science)
• Expressive Arts and Craft
• Physical Education

Many of these skills are also imparted through our Daycare programme.

Areas of Study

Each level of learning and development is implemented through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activity. As your child moves up the education tier, the balance will gradually shift towards more activities led by our trained teachers to help the children prepare for more formal learning, think out of the box and be ready for Grade 1.


The English Language is both the object of study and the main instrument of learning and communication in our Singapore-based curriculum. Your child will listen to stories, learn to accurately anticipate key events and respond to what they hear with encouragement to provide relevant commentary, questions or actions. They will learn to use ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions towards their experiences in response to stories or events. Preschoolers will be guided to follow instructions involving multiple ideas or actions. Most importantly, your child will learn to express themselves effectively, showing an awareness of listeners’ needs using past, present and future tenses accurately when talking about events. Expression is also a big part of our Daycare programme.


Our literacy programme is carried out in English, where you child will be given the opportunity to experience a rich language environment with our friendly, caring and patient teachers. Our intensive phonics programme will begin with the recognition and formation of the alphabet, linking sounds and letters to start the process of reading and writing. This association will be further developed through songs, dance and crafts, before we proceed to advanced stages of literacy such as word and sentence formation.


Your child will be taught Mathematics in a fun way; using interactive online numeracy programmes and games to avoid the boredom of learning multiplication and division on paper worksheets. As part of our intensive Math Singaporean programme, your child will learn:

– To recognize and write numbers

– To recognize basic shapes

– To count from at least 0 – 100

– To count backwards from 10 – 0

– To understand up, down, under, near, on the side, etc. (basic directions)

– To understand the concepts of equality, more and less

– Addition and subtraction of one digit numbers

– Addition and subtraction of two digit numbers


Young preschoolers are by nature curious and they are motivated to explore the world around them and hence raise many questions like “why are some leaves green and some yellow?”  Exploring nature and investigating how things happen is the key to understanding science.

Your child will learn about:

  • The world they live in
  • Living and non-living things
  • Animals, Insects, Birds, Fish
  • Plants and preserving our forests
  • The world around us

The diversity of science activities our teachers initiate in classrooms aims to contribute to the existing early childhood science education literature.


Children love singing, dancing, drawing and colouring. Expressive Arts and Crafts in our preschool involves your child learning to explore and play with a wide range of songs, dances, play acting, as well as experimenting with their own artistic designs.

For arts and crafts, the emphasis will be on idea forming, creating and presenting their work. Students will be expected to explore, develop and express new ideas using the skills and processes of the arts. They will participate in different creative experiences using both fresh materials and recycled ones. In addition to drawing and painting, students will get opportunities to participate in print-making, collages, sculpting and paper manipulation. Our Daycare programme also has similar activities on a daily basis.


Teaching preschoolers to care about their bodies is an essential part of their education. Your child will be taught hygiene, healthy eating habits and good exercise routines that will help them to grow up strong.

Early childhood is also the ideal time for acquiring fundamental movement skills, because it is during this unique period that children build basic motor abilities that are the foundations for learning more complex movement skills later in life. Our exercises are held in a safe and fun environment, with our teachers helping your child progress towards mature patterns for their motor skills, develop healthy fitness habits and continue to enjoy their love of movement with our PE lessons as part of their weekly schedule. We also have physical activities during our Daycare programme.

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